Important Elements of Architectural Model Making

There are many reasons to make architectural models with the help of model making companies in Dubai. Aside from enforcing the “craft” aspect of the architecture field, it is also a welcome breath of fresh air for potential clients. In addition to requesting the purchase of a prototype model of the home you have designed for them, a potential client may also want a tangible reminder of their new dream home. Such client appreciation is priceless.

3D printers:

When using a 3D printer for architectural models, there are three important elements: cost-efficiency, speed, and detail. Most models require smooth, shiny surfaces and realistic detail, and 3D printer filaments are available in various colors. Architects often use Polyamide, while scale modelers will use gray resin. For transparent, colorful elements, and metal parts, 3D printers can produce models with multicolor or transparent resins.


Building models from solid blocks of wood is a traditional hobby. Sculptures are made by carving away excess wood and revealing the sculpted object. Sculpture houses sell kits and blades made of wood. Other options include basswood and grayboard. Basswood has a higher quality than balsa wood and is easier to cut and paint. The downside of basswood is that it costs more than balsa.


When designing an architectural model, metals play a crucial role. Metals are an important part of the model’s exterior and can be used in various ways. They can be used as a base plate for wet materials such as water, highlighting the details cut into a model’s façade. Metal sheets are often polished to increase their appearance and enhance the model’s overall look.


As an architect, you may be familiar with the importance of glazing and glass in architecture. In constructing an architectural model, glass is used as a base plate, which allows you to represent water on the facade. Additionally, glass emphasizes the cut edges of the model. Another important element is glass, which can be made of acetate sheets. Using glass in architectural models can be difficult, so you’ll need to purchase samples to create your final model. These are some important elements of architectural model making you should be aware of before using.

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