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Quick guide to a capsule wardrobe

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Quick guide to a capsule wardrobe

Every day it is a constant struggle to find something to wear which fits today’s occasion and even if it isn’t an occasion, dressing casually also seems like a huge task. No matter how many clothes you buy and store, you will always feel like you have nothing to wear. Well, no worry as capsule wardrobe is here to solve all your problems. Here is how you can build one for yourself and always find something to wear.

The meaning of capsule wardrobe is to find a collection of such clothing pieces and accessories which are essential for a person. These pieces of clothing come together to form different outfits for different occasions without letting anything go to waste. The basic idea of a capsule wardrobe is to shop for such clothes, accessories and shoes which are your favourite instead of going for trendiness.

The capsule wardrobe consists only 24 to 37 pieces of clothing which include tops, bottoms, jewellery and even shoes. These outfits will be made keeping the occasion and lifestyle in mind. From casual to party wear, everything will be available in this minimalist wardrobe. This clothing will last you almost 3 months and will be seasonal means that with the changing season of winter to spring, you can bring out the winter coats and exchange them for floral cardigans. When you renew your wardrobe for the upcoming season, you don’t have to specifically throw out all the previous clothing in fact half or more than half of these clothes can be rotated with some other accessories and it will make for a completely new outfit.

The biggest benefit of creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself is that you don’t waste your time shopping for more new clothes randomly because the whole idea of this revolves around not shopping extra while this using items from this wardrobe. Not only this but you also get the use out of every single piece of clothing and it doesn’t have to sit in your closet ideally until you decide to throw it out for good.

There are many different reasons of having a capsule wardrobe for example you learn and understand the meaning of less is more and how to style it without spending a lot of money and still look chic. Because in the end it is not about who spends more and looks good.

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