What Are Somatic Therapy Techniques?

Somatic therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps patients deal with the emotional pain they are experiencing. It can be in person or virtual and involves asking questions about your life history and therapy goals. You will also discuss a treatment plan with your somatic therapist. This therapy can take a long time and be emotionally difficult, but it provides a more profound level of healing than other forms of therapy.


Somatic therapy uses the titration method to slowly increase the intensity of the somatic experiences of a client. It is important to be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, the client may be overwhelmed and re-traumatized. The therapist should only incorporate this technique into their work after undergoing a certification course or gaining additional training. Clients will be asked to verbalize and track their bodily sensations during titration.

Somatic experiencing:

Somatic therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the client’s physical experience. The practitioner will utilize different techniques to address symptoms and help clients develop a connection between their body and mind. The client will learn how to release negative emotions and pain through somatic experiences. This therapy is effective for individuals with a wide range of concerns, including grief and trauma.

Somatic intervention:

Somatic intervention techniques are often used in psychotherapy. These techniques utilize a direct connection between the brain and the body to eliminate physical and emotional tension. Somatic therapy is also commonly used with people suffering from traumatic experiences. Trauma can cause somatic reactions and disorders, including depression, anxiety, and worrisome patterns. It has been shown to improve coping mechanisms and the quality of life for clients in various mental and physical health conditions.


Boundaries of somatic therapy techniques help clients set and recognize their boundaries. They can be developed by working with the client’s body to identify boundaries and needs. The practice is especially helpful for people suffering from emotional dysregulation. It helps regulate emotions by allowing clients to experience them. Sequencing helps people track their feelings, which may lead to catharsis. 

Trauma therapy:

Somatic therapy involves tracking the bodily sensations of a client. This process is similar to grounding, as the client is guided to move from an aroused to a calmer state. This can be a great tool for individuals seeking treatment for a traumatic event.

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