Quick facts about Audi

Audi has been around for over a decade and surely the German brand has set the bar high for every car brand out there. It is the sleek design and cutting edge technology that has stolen everyone’s heart and surely there is a lot coming up. This is why here we have lined down some very interesting facts for you to enjoy and become a devoted fan.

  • Audi’s founder – August Horch – was a blacksmith until he earned his degree in engineering and got on board with the shipbuilding where he met Karl Benz – owner of Mercedes Benz – and worked under his supervision for almost three years. That was when he took off for his own venture and A. Horch and Cie. came into being.
  • Yes you read that right, Audi was not the first car manufacturing brand that Horch launched. A. Horch and Cie. was pretty successful in its venture but had to unfortunately close down due to differences with the investor and that’s when Audi came into being but not with the same name.
  • Yes, Audi still wasn’t named as what we know it today because Horch named it August Horch Automobilwerke GmBH. But due to previous investor’s legal issues, Horch wasn’t able to continue with the name. Which finally led us to Audi.
  • Audi is basically a Latin word which means ‘listen’ deriving from Horch itself.
  • If you think that crash testing is something newly invented then sorry to burst your bubble, but Audi had been doing crash testing since 75 years by driving the car down the hill. Probably why Audi spare parts Dubai are easily available.
  • While the World Rally Championship was deciding and contemplating whether to integrate four wheelers in race, Audi had already released Quattro which today is known as SUV. This is what forced the WRC to finally say yes to four wheelers.
  • Audi is planning to send one of its Quattro to the moon as well which could drive on the surface and live broadcast the situation. Fingers crossed for Audi to win the competition.

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