Dubai, UAE

Pros and cons of moving to Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most loved cities of all time and people love travelling to it and enjoying their vacation. But what if you could extend that vacation to a permanent residence, would you want that? There are so many Dubai visa change without exit programs available that will help you in choosing the right visa policy of all time. But before you could decide, here are some pros and cons to the place:

  • Cultural awareness

Even though Dubai is one of the most liberal Arab emirate of all of them yet there are still some restrictions which you will have to look after. Being a Muslim country would mean that they respect and prioritize their cultural and ethical values such as call for prayers occurring five times a day and women taking on hijab and not tolerating the presence of men around. But on the bright side, it still welcomes other religions with open arms.

  • Accommodation

Accommodation in Dubai seems to be one of the simplest parts of moving to get through as you can easily find rental properties along with your preferred neighbourhood and lease agreement. But the con is that you will have to pay annual rents that too up front which most of the wages are covered with. Along with that, you need an agent to get through this accommodation settlement in case something troublesome with the renter comes up.

  • Business setup

You must be familiar with the idea of free zones available in Dubai which allows you to set up your business without having to worry about taxation. This is the reason that many people love setting up their business and enjoying the amenities. But on the other hand, it is not easy to set up the business because the rules and policies are a jargon to get through. They can be extremely confusing and frustrating for someone who rarely has knowledge of business set up which is why you may need an agent who can get you through this all.

Other than that, we all know the amazing lifestyle which Dubai has to offer. From lively night scenes to foreigners and festivals, everything is a fun trip to be part of which we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss.

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