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Modern ways of getting food home delivery

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Home delivery of food is not a very old thing but it still get to add new ways in order to provide more ease to the customers. With these additional ways even restaurants are getting ease in doing their business so people are more in to adopting these ways than using the old traditional ways of getting diet food delivery Abu Dhabi. To know more about it you have to see below:

Payment: Previously there was only one option of paying which is through cash. When the rider reached the door step customer paid him the exact amount or any tip if they wanted and the rider dives them food which they offered. Now the trend has changed. People are more willing to pay though their credit or debit card as they find it more appropriate. There are many restaurants that now offer only card payment like good and healthy restaurant Ras al Khaimah

Delivery: Previously the rider will ring the doorbell and the customer will receive the ordered food from him but now they don’t even want to get in contact with the rider and they need to pick the order from their door. It is possible through the way that customer will pay through card in advance then rider will leave the food at the door, tell  about it through call or message and customer can pick it up from the door. If you want this delivery method then you have to mention it when you place your order.

Instructions to eat: After you get the food remember that there will be nothing to be hurry about, the food is all yours now, and it will never goes to anywhere so you have to carefully follow the instructions. First of all you need to get the upper layering if any and put it in the dustbin because it might have several bacteria on it because of the travelling and packing. Then you need to thoroughly wash your hands in order to unbox the food. Then you need to put it in your home utensils before eating. You should avoid eating in those boxes and always prefer to use your utensils unless you are at a place where you find nothing to plate up. You also need to heat your food in microwave oven to make it fresh, germs free.