How Solar Energy Can Benefit You

When installing solar in Dubai on your roof, you can expect several benefits. Your power bill will be lower, but you’ll also be doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your property’s resale value will also increase. The benefits are endless! Here are a few of them. 1. Reduces demand for fossil fuels. 2. Cuts electric bill. 3. Improves resale value. 4. Improves resale value.

Reduces demand for fossil fuels

The use of fossil fuels has been powering economies for over 150 years. Today, fossil fuels supply 80 percent of our energy needs. This type of energy was formed millions of years ago from carbon-rich remains buried underground and then heated up. They release carbon and other greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change as they are burned. As more fossil fuels are burned, these effects will only grow worse.

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

According to the environmental protection agency, a solar energy system would reduce carbon emissions equivalent to planting over two billion trees. Compared to fossil fuels, solar energy emits no emissions during its entire life cycle. Moreover, it has no negative environmental impact. SEIA works on national and international policy issues, including climate legislation and opposition to legislation that weakens the clean air act. Members of SEIA are also engaged in tax policy, workforce development, and infrastructure. These initiatives are intended to accelerate the deployment of low-cost solar energy worldwide.

Reduces electric bill:

The most effective way to reduce your electric bill is to install a solar panel system. These panels generate clean energy for your home and produce power directly where you need it. They also avoid the need to pay for costly transmission infrastructure. And, as the cost of maintaining the grid increases, solar power systems are becoming increasingly attractive. So, what’s stopping you from going solar?

Improves resale value:

Recent studies show that installing solar panels on a home increases resale value by more than 80 percent. However, the real estate sector hasn’t yet realized that solar installation can increase home value. A recent report by the Office of Energy Efficiency’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) explains the value of solar in real estate. According to them, buyers are willing to pay up to AED 15,000 more for a home equipped with solar power, equal to four dollars per watt of energy produced.

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