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Health benefits of oat milk

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Oat milk is plant based milk and is full of nutrition. It is of same nutrition value as that of milk obtained from animal source. There are several health benefits of oat milk some of the benefits of oat milk are given here in this article. Minor figures oat milk related statistics have been given in this article.

Lactose free milk:

Those people who have certain dietry requirements such as lactose intolerance, allergies or don’t want to use high fats milk. Then oat milk is best option for those persons. It is obtained from plant source and it is free from nust, soy and lactose.  If you use organic oats then it will also gluten free milk. If you going to purchase it from market then make sure that it must be gluten free because may synthetic oats are also gluten free. 

Source of vitamin B:

Oats are enriched with vitamins. The most common vitamins found in oats are Vitamin B complex. These contain vitamin B2 and Vita min B12. Vitamin B are associated with the mood elevation, oxidative stress and providing strength to hair, nails and skin. 

Source of calcium and Vitamin D:

Oat milk is enriched with calcium and vitamin D so it best for bones as well. Calcium is the basic mineral for bones and it gives strength to bones and make them strong. Those people who are deficient in calcium, their bones easily rupture in the case of injuries. Lack of calcium also leaves white patches on skin. When we talk about calcium and bone health then vitamin D is as important as well because absorption of calcium is not possible with out calcium. So oat milk contains both ingredients so it will be best for bones.

Cholesterol lowering agents:

Oat milk is enriched with beta-glucans which is soluble fiber and is best for heart health. It also reduces the absorption of cholesterol in our body which as a result causes the reduction of cholesterol level in our body. This is because beta glucans stick with our gut and form a gel like substance in our gut. So it sticks with cholesterol and causes the reduction in its absorption. Hence, the daily use of oat milk can reduce cholesterol level in our body. Obese persons who don’t want to drink high fat milk, oat milk is best choice for them. Visit www.thegcco.com for further details.