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Dresses you should never wear when attending a wedding

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Weddings are always an intimate event and this is why when you are invited to one, you should always remember to respect the couple while looking your very best. The idea here is to enhance the look but not out shine or steal the attention of bride herself because after all this day is all about her and she deserves all the attention and spotlight. To give you a clear idea, here’s what you should never pick from buy western dresses online:

  • White dress

As we all are aware of the fact that white gown is the traditional attire and evening dresses Dubai online for the bride this is why an attendee should never wear one. White is the bride’s colour and if you have been in her shoes before then you must realize how deep the choosing of colour white goes. From a range of crisp whites to cream colours, she has been there. Other than that if the dress code is specified as a ball room wedding then you should definitely rock a white and black dress gown.

  • Black Tux

Just like the white dress, men should not also wear a black tux or jacket because of same reasons that the groom is supposed to wear black tux and out shining him is not going to be the best option of all. Try to avoid any sort of black top even for girls because even if a black mini dress is your go to outfit you should never wear it at the wedding.

  • Extremely short and revealing dress

We know you love rocking your mini cocktail dress everywhere but this might not be the best idea when it comes to wedding. Weddings are usually an intimate formal event where even brides try to choose something not too revealing and the attendees should respect it by doing this themselves. One basic rule to follow is choosing a dress that ends right above your knee and off shoulder proper wrap.

  • Don’t wear extra makeup

Your cut crease perfect wing liner with the classic red lipstick must be your statement look but consider it once more before you go ahead with it. Even for a cocktail party you should remember that extremely heavy makeup is not something which you would want to wear as less is always more.