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Different types of paintings

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Some people will love to make paintings since there childhood. If they were appreciated in the childhood then they may become the famous painter of the world by joining different art classes Dubai. These art classes will help them in enhancing their skills and refining their hand strokes to make their paintings more accurate and stunning. There are also specific painting classes in Abu Dhabi where people can learn how to paint and also they can choose one of the many types of paintings. If you want to know about different types of painting then you have to look at this:

Live painting: In this painting style the students have to sit outside their classes and paint the different things around them like the trees and grass and anything else they see there.

Still painting: In this painting style they will learn to paint inside their classrooms. They will be given an object like a vase or glass and then they have to paint them with great accuracy. First they will be given the instructions and proper guidelines so that they can paint easily.

Now talking about different types of painting we will get to know about the following:

Watercolor painting: It is the easiest type of painting among all of the others and beginners should start from here. In this mixing of colors and blending them accurately is a big task and needs much attention and skills. Colors are used to mix with water or any other water based solution to paint on the canvas.

Oil painting: It is a tough type of painting and beginners take is very difficult to do. In this painting different kinds of oils are used as the binding agent for the pigments of colors. They will get a smooth texture to your painting.

Acrylic painting: This type of painting is very quick in drying and it will give the most realistic view of the paintings. When an artist become expert in that then e or she can make master pieces that no one can judge whether the thing they are seeing is painting or a picture. These paints are mixed with water while using them but after the completion of painting when it dries out then it becomes the water resilient. This distinctive feature will make it more desirable.