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Countries that have a High Demand for Accountants

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Finding a job has become a venture like finding a needle from a heap of hay or straw. Since the coronavirus started many people had to lose their jobs because the companies did down sizing and even the companies got closed as well.

But since people have been in the lock down like good citizens should do, and that is also why the virus got sad and is now going away slowly and gradually. and now the companies are emerging back from the rock and that means that you can get a chance to get employment.

If you are about to become a VAT agent in Dubaior an accountant or you are already one and finding a job in the best and top accounting firms in Dubai, then we suggest that you leave the country.

You must be thinking that it is a heavy choice, but the fact is that below you will read the list of countries that require accountants every now and then and the best ones can become millionaires within a year, keep reading to know about those countries;

  1. The first ticket you need to get is of Romania and that is because this country saw a massive downfall due to communism in 1989 but in 2007, they made a good amount of progress. And you will be shocked to know that the country did so good that they launched their own ACA academic and they made accountants of their own but they are in continuous search for good and better accountants.
  2. The next stop is UAE which stands for United Arab Emirates. This country is known as the hub of business and people from around the world come here to do business and there is a stat that in every 15 minutes, a company is registered there which means a lot of accountants are needed.
  3. Our next stop is in Singapore, it is known as the cleanest city in the world. And there are many companies who work there as a waste management company or recycling companies and there third and fourth parties for the job as well. they have an aim to be the carbon free city in the world and that is why day and night the companies are working and making millions and you could be the one balancing those thousands of sheets.